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Why All-Girls?

Girls’ schools educate girls to become global changemakers—the women we need to help solve the world’s biggest challenges.

Young women at girls’ schools are inspired to become informed, engaged global citizens who lead with courage, competence, and empathy. Research has proven girls’ school graduates display stronger community involvement, greater cultural competency, and increased political engagement.
In comparison to their coeducated peers, young women who attend girls’ schools are more likely to:
  • become involved in environmental programs
  • deem it essential to participate in community social action programs
  • be frequently active in volunteer work
  • help promote racial understanding
  • value improving their understanding of other countries and cultures
  • count their desire to understand others with different beliefs as a strength
  • view their ability to work cooperatively with diverse people as a strength
  • discuss politics with friends
  • plan to vote in elections
  • value keeping up with political affairs
  • value influencing political structures
  • publicly communicate their opinion about a cause
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