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Dr. Lisa Damour Included in CNN Piece Regarding Student Reactions to Instability in Learning Amid Pandemic

Dr. Lisa Damour, Executive Director of Laurel's Center for Research on Girls, provided comments in a CNN article
about the uncertainty of in-person learning over the course of the last two years and the toll it takes on students for a multitude of reasons. In the article Dr. Damour states that, "School has a lot of 'developmentally nutritious' things to offer children outside of academic work. Going into school means connecting with friends and teachers, expanding their thinking and getting out of the house," which she says is "essential for kids". She also says that, "When routines get swept away, not only do we lose all the good activity that was built into the routine. We also lose the mental ease of not having to decide how to spend one's time."
Dr. Damour's "Ask Lisa: The Psychology of Parenting" Podcast was featured on Channel 5 in January. The podcast, which just hit over one million downloads in December, has resonated across America and focuses on parenting in a pandemic. "Co-host Reena Ninan and I started this podcast because we knew parents needed help, we knew they needed it right away and they needed it on a weekly, nimble basis," said Damour.
Dr. Damour is also quoted in a LancasterOnline piece focused on how this year's class of graduates are more fatigued than any in recent history. She says, "In the more than two decades I've spent as a psychologist working with adolescents, I have never seen teenagers so worn down at the end of an academic year as they are right now."
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