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Laurel Boasts 33 Scholastic Art and Writing Award Winners Totaling 52 Honors

Laurel is proud to announce a total of 33 students in Grades 8-12 have received a total of 52 honors in the 2024 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. 

This year we have 16 students who received art honors, including four Gold Key, six Silver Key awards and 12 Honorable Mentions. Laurel also has 17 students who received writing awards this year, including nine Gold Key awards, five Silver Key awards, and 16 Honorable Mentions. Award-winning work best exemplifies originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision. Students receiving Gold Keys, Silver Keys, or Honorable Mentions are celebrated within their communities through local exhibitions and ceremonies. Gold Key works are then judged nationally by an impressive panel of creative-industry experts to receive National Medals later this year. All of our award winners follow.

Scholastic Art Awards

Gold Key Winners
  • Alaire Bang ‘24, Never Enough, Art: Drawing & Illustration 
  • Claudia Berta ‘25, Under the Trees, Photography 
  • Julia Duong ‘26, Ethereal Light Stalls, Photography 
  • Serene Hameed ‘25, HotHead, Photography 
Silver Key Winners
  • Siena Maschke ‘24, Flareup, Ceramic
  • Claudia Berta ‘25, Reflection, Photography 
  • Maya Brindle ‘27, Ducks, Photography 
  • Greta Geib ‘28, Peace in Arlington, Photography 
  • Sarah Ballock ‘24, Dum Dums, Painting 
  • Alaire Bang ‘24, Touch, Drawing & Illustration
Honorable Mentions
  • Olivia Keck ‘27, FutureGIRL, Drawing and Illustration
  • Siena Maschke ‘24, Blossom, Ceramic and A Series of Ceramic Studies: Bright Colors and Altered Forms, Portfolio 
  • Danah Alrashid ‘26, Breakpoint, Photography 
  • Claudia Berta ‘25, Radiance, Photography 
  • Kori McCullough ‘27, Contemplation, Photography 
  • Vanessa Sheppard ‘25, Lonely Maple, Photography and Whimsical Willow, Photography
  • Alaire Bang ‘24, Parker’s Portrait, Art: Drawing & Illustration 
  • Avery Coy ‘24, Shadows of my Emotions, Drawing & Illustration 
  • Emiko Dallas ‘24, Don’t Let Go, Sculpture 
  • Ella Reindel-Swan ‘24, A Journey of Identity, Portfolio Category 
  • Taryn Robinson ‘25, Confront, Mixed Media 
Scholastic Writing Awards

Gold Key Winners
  • Karma Abboud ‘24, Untitled, Writing: Portfolio Category
  • Shaliz Bazldjoo ‘24, Battlefield at the Edge of Time, Writing: Science Fiction & Fantasy and On this I Kiss the Cross, Writing: Novel Writing
  • Yimo (CiCi) Cao ‘25, home lies in the strokes of an ink brush, Writing: Poetry and Perception: Snow Is Death; and Death Is He, Writing: Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Frances Farmery ‘28, WLFH (“Wolf”), Writing: Novel Writing 
  • Eliana Fieldman ‘27, My Grandpa the Scientist, Writing: Poetry and Otis and Osmond, Writing: Flash Fiction 
  • Haadeya Salman ‘27, The Last Seconds, Writing: Flash Fiction 
Silver Key Winners
  • Yimo (CiCi) Cao ‘25, Composition, Writing: Personal Essay & Memoir and Sunday, Writing: Science Fiction & Fantasy 
  • Eliana Fieldman ‘27, Salty, Writing: Flash Fiction 
  • Mackenzie Gilbert ‘27, Creation, Writing: Poetry 
  • Kelly Kirchner ‘25, On The Rocks, Writing: Dramatic Script 
Honorable Mentions
  • Kate Allen ‘28, Who am I?, Writing: Poetry 
  • Shaliz Bazldjoo ‘24, Battlefield at the Edge of Time, Writing: Portfolio Category and Cross-Examination on the Meaning of Life, Writing: Poetry 
  • Eliana Fieldman ‘27, My Jagged Scar, Writing: Short Story 
  • Mackenzie Gilbert ‘27, Riverside, Writing: Personal Essay & Memoir 
  • Casey Higgins ‘27, The Senses, Writing: Poetry 
  • Kareen Hurns ‘27, Her, Writing: Personal Essay & Memoir 
  • Asalé Jones ‘26, Who I Am, Writing: Poetry 
  • Taya Offutt Decker ‘27, Old Man Bones, Writing: Flash Fiction 
  • Hannah Rosenfeld ‘27, The Lunchbox, Writing: Flash Fiction 
  • Ana Rubio-Calvillo ‘27, Blue Hair Gets Passed Down, Writing: Poetry and J’s Are For Vampires, Writing: Flash Fiction
  • Haadeya Salman ‘27, The Five Stages of Grief, Writing: Flash Fiction 
  • Hazel Segal ‘27, Banshee, Writing: Science Fiction & Fantasy and Lilith, Writing: Poetry 
  • Violet Vitale ‘28, Stupid Sounds, Writing: Poetry 
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