Admissions Team
Meet Our Green Key Student Ambassadors

Margaux Patterson ’22

Started: Fourth Grade
Attended: Roxboro Elementary
Activities: Track and Field; Cross Country; Capstone, Protégé

Favorite Class:My favorite class was AP Biology during 11th grade because even though most of it was online due to Covid, the teacher, Ms. Topping, ensured that we had as close to a normal experience as possible. She was also a very engaging and helpful teacher and she made me feel comfortable voicing my opinion in class. I also like the class because I am very interested in the subject and the labs and activities we did were always very fun.
Favorite Laurel Thing:
My favorite thing about Laurel is that you are given many opportunities to explore your interests, whether it be professionally through Capstone and Protege, or other interests through clubs, sports, and other extracurriculars. This has given me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and pursue opportunities that most other high school students are unable to obtain. The teachers are especially supportive of your interests and offer you any help you need with finding mentors or opportunities to explore.
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