Kathryn Purcell, Associate Head of Laurel, Highlights Benefits of Single-Sex Education in Currents Magazine Story

A Currents Magazine article titled, "Consider Your Unique Child, Teen When Deciding on Best Educational Environment," states that the National Coalition of Girls' Schools believes that by subtracting boys, an all-girls' education adds opportunities for girls.
Kathryn Purcell, Laurel's Associate Head of School, is quoted in the piece saying, "At Laurel, girls get to be themselves. We work hard to foster a growth-mindset environment where girls can try new things, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Our girls know their voice matters, that their effort matters and that they matter." The article goes on to highlight Laurel's Center for Research on Girls (LCRG) and how it informed Laurel's curriculum around the power of growth mindset.
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