Taya Offutt Decker ’27 Talks Silver Linings of Pandemic Learning in Cleveland Magazine

Taya Offutt Decker '27 was featured in a March education piece in Cleveland Magazine highlighting four area students and the lessons they have learned going to school during a pandemic.
Taya highlighted some silver linings to studying more at home during the pandemic including wearing pajamas to dinner and spending more time with her pets! “I have a cat named Jade and she is always roaming around the house — it’s fun to see her be curious,” she stated, adding that the welcome distraction helps with alone time spent e-learning or social distancing and that she’s been able to draw more frequently. “I like being with my family, so one thing I’ve learned is if you don’t come out of your room, you just feel like you’ve missed out.” Click here to read the full piece.
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